Category: Technology

  • AI Image Enlarger – free tool to enlarge images without losing quality

    AI Image Enlarger is a free online tool, which designed to enlarge digital images without losing quality. It could be the best alternative options to Photoshop, PhotoZoom. No learning curve and you do not need any Photoshop skills. 100% free so you can enjoy the image enlargement services without paying anything.

  • The Canvas Prints – free photo editor

    The Canvas Prints provides its users with a creative free photo editor that has basic and professional editing tools. The editor’s interface is simple to understand and is quite fast, so all your photo editing processes can be carried out efficiently. The Canvas Prints photo editor lets you create eye-catching photos to print on canvas […]

  • DesignEvo Logo Maker-your right choice for online logo design

    The logo is an essential part of businesses. To get a unique logo can be important to show your company culture. In general, to hire a designer to custom a logo can be a great choice for many companies. But if you own a small business or a start-up, create a logo with an online […]

  • Robust App for Graphic Design, Collage Making and Photo Editing

    FotoJet is an all-in-one free online tool for photo editing, graphic design and photo collages. With 600+ creative collage templates, 80+ classic photo grid templates and 300+ professional design templates, it enables you to create amazing collages, photo cards, social media graphics, and posters quickly in a few minutes. What’s more, you are free to […]

  • Simplenote app is now completely open source

    Simplenote – the most powerful and simple, clean note taking app for all the platforms are now completely open source. This note taking app is developed by Automattic, the mother of WordPress and as per their official announcement “all of the official Simplenote client apps are now Open Source Software under the GPLv2 license”. We […]

  • Prisma brings the new era to makeover your photo

    You can see people are changing their profile photos with an artistic mode in different social websites. Yes, it is Prisma which has just changed the digital world with a designer look. You should try Prisma app on your smartphone if you want to tweak with your profile pictures. It is an online photo editing […]

  • Get world time from your linux terminal

    You don’t need to setup world clock in your computer anymore. If you are a Linux user then your terminal will server the same purpose. Now from your terminal you can get world time, yes for all the countries. We use Google or other search engines to view time of any country online.

  • Get your auto expiry temporary email

    We put our email id several times in any website sometimes for membership registration without checking the authenticity of the website. Sometimes lots of websites ask email id from visitor for different purposes like newsletter, free-gift and so on. Now the pain begins. Those websites will start to send you different emails (treated as spam) […]

  • LAN chat without any software and network settings

    Chat over the same LAN network among different computers always need a software to be installed. But now it is very easy to do the same without using any software or network settings. Mainly at office or home we have different computers are connected over LAN and have same IP. In this case we just […]

  • Know the Popular Web Server Error Codes

    Many a time when we try to visit any particular web page, we get an error code displaying in lieu of the original page. Have you ever surprised what that error code meant? Here is a list of the most popular error codes and their description. The first thing you should do anytime you get […]