Install Evernote on Linux

Evernote is the most popular work space application nowadays and you can keep anything of your mind like notes, images, audio/video clips, web bookmarks, web clips for your use. Aprt from web version Evernote provide beautiful tool for Windows and MAC. But for Linux users? Yes, you can install Evernote on Linux too. The Linux version is called Everpad. Here is the process to install on Linux.

Press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard to open terminal. When it opens, run command below to add the PPA:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nvbn-rm/ppa
Then update and install this app:
sudo apt-get update;
sudo apt-get install everpad
Once installed, open Everpad from Unity Dash.
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Hear the audio pronunciation of English dictionary words and learn

Many of us speak English words in a wrong way and our ascent is not good or sometimes we distort those intentionally rather by mistake. Sometimes we need to teach the pronunciation of any word to our kids too but the general dictionary has no such feature to make it audible.  Now the google has brought this audio feature of  the English dictionary words. I have just made it easier by using their API.
Just visit Audio pronunciation and you can see an audio player with a search box.

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Get your auto expiry temporary email

We put our email id several times in any website sometimes for membership registration without checking the authenticity of the website. Sometimes lots of websites ask email id from visitor for different purposes like newsletter, free-gift and so on. Now the pain begins. Those websites will start to send you different emails (treated as spam) for different types of campaigns. You may not be interested of those emails.

The solution is here.

  1. Visit
  2. It will provide you unique temporary email id for 10 minutes.
  3. Use that email id for any website which you visit first time.
  4. Get any confirmation email from the website on the same window and you can see the list of emails get from the website within 10 minutes.
  5. You can extend your email session to another 10 minutes by clicking a link.



Your temporary email id is unique for every session and it will be expired after 10 minutes.
** Don’t use this type of temporary email id for your personal and official purposes.

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LAN chat without any software and network settings

Chat over the same LAN network among different computers always need a software to be installed. But now it is very easy to do the same without using any software or network settings. Mainly at office or home we have different computers are connected over LAN and have same IP. In this case we just have to open the browser and go to a particular URL WiFi Chat. It will open a text box to enter chat text. If any other user (computer) in the same network and using same IP open the same URL from browser then that user also see the chat text box. In this way different user can text chat over LAN.

Very simple and easy at all. This will be an open chat, so, no personal or confidential chat please.

This is completely an online application which works via Browsers only. You just need to open the link

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Know the Popular Web Server Error Codes

Many a time when we try to visit any particular web page, we get an error code displaying in lieu of the original page. Have you ever surprised what that error code meant? Here is a list of the most popular error codes and their description. The first thing you should do anytime you get an error code is to make sure that you have entered the correct web page addressed.

• 100 Continue
• 101 Switching Protocols
• 102 Processing
• 200 OK
• 201 Created
• 202 Accepted
• 203 Non-Authoritative Information
• 204 No Content
• 205 Reset Content
• 206 Partial Content
• 207 Multi-Status
• 300 Multiple Choices
• 301 Moved Permanently
• 302 Found
• 303 See Other
• 304 Not Modified
• 305 Use Proxy
• 307 Temporary Redirect
• 400 Bad Request
• 401 Authorization Required
• 402 Payment Required
• 403 Forbidden
• 404 Not Found
• 405 Method Not Allowed
• 406 Not Acceptable
• 407 Proxy Authentication Required
• 408 Request Time-out
• 409 Conflict
• 410 Gone
• 411 Length Required
• 412 Precondition Failed
• 413 Request Entity Too Large
• 414 Request-URI Too Large
• 415 Unsupported Media Type
• 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable
• 417 Expectation Failed
• 422 Unprocessed Entity
• 423 Locked
• 424 Failed Dependency
• 425 No code
• 426 Upgrade Required
• 500 Internal Server Error
• 501 Method Not Implemented
• 502 Bad Gateway
• 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
• 504 Gateway Time-out
• 505 HTTP Version Not Supported
• 506 Variant Also Negotiates
• 507 Insufficient Storage
• 510 Not Extended

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Gmail 5.0 app with Yahoo, Outlook email support

You can now check your Yahoo and Outlook (previously Hotmail) emails inside your same Gmail 5.0 app. Google will launch this app soon. You do not need to install separate Yahoo or Outlook apps in your phones or other devices. Recently Google has updated some of their apps with Material design and expected the new Gmail app 5.0 will have the same.

Check this video for the quick look of this app.

Gmail 5.o app is expected to supports other Exchange Mail Servers accounts and 3rd party email accounts. Just waiting for the official release, may be it will be with Android Lollipop release.

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