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  • How to convert MySQL collation from utf8mb4 to utf8

    Recently I faced a tough situation with one of my WordPress site at the time of exporting MySQL database. My development MySQL server supports utf8mb4 collation but the production MySQL server does not support that. So, I had to convert all the tables of the MySQL database from  utf8mb4 to utf8.  The actual task was conversion from…

  • Convert your MySQL database table to CSV format in PHP

    It is really a simple task which we the developers need to do frequently and there are lots of scripts available for the same purpose. With some PHP coding we can export the MySQL table data to CSV format. Just try the following code and check if it works or not.

  • Display data horizontally from MySQL table

    Generally we fetch data from MySQL table and display the fetch records in rows one by one. But sometimes we need to display the records horizontally as per the image below. Sir Isaac Newton Leonardo Vinchi William Shakespeare Adolf Hitler Siddhartha Gautama Ian McKellen Abraham Jesus of Nazareth Walt Disney It’s not a tough job.…