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  • Google Analytics has now a demo account for learning

    Google analytics – we know this awesome service from Google to keep everything on tracking of our websites. There are lots of resources available under this service. We have to learn and go through every resource to get an idea how they work. The only help was Google’s nice manual within. Still now we can […]

  • All the things you can do with Google search

    Google, yes, we use it every day, every moment but still we rarely know how to search and how Google can be used to get lots of hidden things. Few years ago Google launched a self-explanatory video so that we can use it more flexibly. Here is that video. Apart from the above video there […]

  • Get Latitude and Longitude from your Postal Address

    We generally do not know the latitude and longitude of our area or any other area if we have needed to get the information. Sometimes we have to Google for getting this information. It is not a big issue to find out the approximate latitude  and longitude for any location and it can easily be […]

  • Know the Popular Web Server Error Codes

    Many a time when we try to visit any particular web page, we get an error code displaying in lieu of the original page. Have you ever surprised what that error code meant? Here is a list of the most popular error codes and their description. The first thing you should do anytime you get […]

  • Place Your Location on the Google Map in Your Site

    Do you want to place your custom locations on the Google Map and the map will be in your web page? If you have basic knowledge of HTML it will be a very easy task to you. For implementing the Google Map you will have to get the Google Map API key from Google. Google […]