• Create simple news ticker for your website using CSS and jQuery

    If we want to display any news in our websites, news ticker is the best visible solution for this. In this tutorial we will learn how to create the simple scrolling news ticker. The news ticker is controlled by CSS and jQuery. Here I have attached the complete source code of the script without any CSS. […]

  • Display your instagram image feed on your website

    You like to add photos in your Instagram. How it would be if you can show your Instagram images on your webpage? It would be really nice. If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can implement that by following the 2 process mentioned below: Step 1: First you need to authenticate your Instagram account and […]

  • How to create a simple HTML contact form with Ajax & PHP

    There are so many times we don’t want to use any PHP file (say contact.php) directly for our HTML websites to process contact form rather we prefer to use HTML contact page (say contact.html). It is not a hard task, we can do this by using Ajax or jQuery. In this tutorial, I am describing […]

  • Beautify your codes online, format source codes

    If you want to be a good coder then you must format your codes properly with block commenting. It will help you a lot to update or modify your code at any time. I have worked with many coders who rarely love their codes and I had so much pain to work on their codes. […]

  • Transitional mouse hover effect in CSS

    Presently we are very much conscious about the look and feel of our blog or website. For different reason we use hyper link text or block to highlight different section. Let’s see, we can draw this by any other way without using JavaScript or jQuery. Here I will explain a simple transitional mouse hover effect with […]

  • Printer Friendly Version Of Your Web Page Content

    Some times we need to put an option in our web page so that user can take a print of the content of the page like ‘Click here to Print’ button.For printing the content we can use JavaScript so that user can print the content of the page only and the other graphics, page layout […]

  • Style your web form with CSS

    We have to use different forms in our website for different purposes like login form, registration form and so on. Web form plays a great role for the user point of view. Simple form attracts the users more to fill up. We can design a simple User Registration form with CSS in a proper manner […]