Tag: PHP

  • Embed responsive Google Map into WordPress post or page without plugin

    From personal blog, travel blog to company web page, we need to embed Google Map to show proper location. There are few WordPress plugins available to serve the same feature. But I always intend to not using WordPress plugins if it can be served by writing code. We can create a simple WordPress shortcode to […]

  • Simple PayPal integration on your website

    Online payment is the hype of today’s web world. For getting any service or product we prefer to online payment method and PayPal is the most secure payment gateway. If you have a very basic knowledge of PHP, you can easily implement the simple PayPal gateway in your site. The Process to implement PayPal on […]

  • How to convert MySQL collation from utf8mb4 to utf8

    Recently I faced a tough situation with one of my WordPress site at the time of exporting MySQL database. My development MySQL server supports utf8mb4 collation but the production MySQL server does not support that. So, I had to convert all the tables of the MySQL database from  utf8mb4 to utf8.  The actual task was conversion from […]

  • Get Latitude and Longitude from your Postal Address

    We generally do not know the latitude and longitude of our area or any other area if we have needed to get the information. Sometimes we have to Google for getting this information. It is not a big issue to find out the approximate latitude  and longitude for any location and it can easily be […]

  • Display your instagram image feed on your website

    You like to add photos in your Instagram. How it would be if you can show your Instagram images on your webpage? It would be really nice. If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can implement that by following the 2 process mentioned below: Step 1: First you need to authenticate your Instagram account and […]

  • How to destroy all the files in a directory

    This topic is just for fun. I don’t know if there is any real implementation of this script or not. Suppose, we have lots of files and folders in a directory and we want to delete all the files and folders at a time. In such cases the following script will take the key role. […]

  • How to create a simple HTML contact form with Ajax & PHP

    There are so many times we don’t want to use any PHP file (say contact.php) directly for our HTML websites to process contact form rather we prefer to use HTML contact page (say contact.html). It is not a hard task, we can do this by using Ajax or jQuery. In this tutorial, I am describing […]

  • Beautify your codes online, format source codes

    If you want to be a good coder then you must format your codes properly with block commenting. It will help you a lot to update or modify your code at any time. I have worked with many coders who rarely love their codes and I had so much pain to work on their codes. […]

  • Convert your MySQL database table to CSV format in PHP

    It is really a simple task which we the developers need to do frequently and there are lots of scripts available for the same purpose. With some PHP coding we can export the MySQL table data to CSV format. Just try the following code and check if it works or not.

  • Download file script in PHP

    Some times we  need to create a download link of any file in our site. We can point a direct link of the file to download but in this case we can get the absolute path of that file which is not preferred to us. Moreover some browsers redirect the download link path in a new window. […]