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Disable plugin update notification for specific plugin in WordPress

The major WordPress plugins get updated on regular basis and we often login to the WordPress dashboard and notice notification for one or more plugin updates. If we ignore these updates, these notifications can pile up. It is strongly recommended to update the WordPress plugins always to the latest versions.  Now, think differently, if the website developer has some customization done in the plugin core file. So, if the plugin get updated, all the customized work will be gone away and your website may not work as per the previous customized version. If we can disable the specif plugin update notification, then there will be no chance to update the plugin. There are 2 common ways to do disable specific plugin update notification. Option 1 (Preferred): Open the main PHP file of the plugin and just below the plugin header put the following code. // Stop Plugin Updates add_filter('site_transient_update_plugins', 'remove_update_notification');