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Get proper colour palette online from Pictaculous

Designers need the colour information from images always.  It is very helpful for web designers to get proper colour palette from logo before starting the design of  web layouts.  Not only web designers, it can be great if we can  pickup the colours from an image. There are several tools available on internet.  Pictaculous by MailChimp makes it handy. It is a small online application which will create a proper colour palette from your image. Go to Upload your image – (PNG, GIF, JPG only. Files cannot be larger than 500k) Click on ‘GET MY PALETTE’ button. That’s all, within few seconds you will get your colour palette. I tested it by uploading Microsoft Logo and check above what I got. It’s awesome. You can email the generated palette to any one as well as download as Photoshop swatches (.ACO).