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Simple PayPal integration on your website

Online payment is the hype of today’s web world. For getting any service or product we prefer to online payment method and PayPal is the most secure payment gateway. If you have a very basic knowledge of PHP, you can easily implement the simple PayPal gateway in your site. The Process to implement PayPal on your website: We can simplify the process into 3 steps - PayPal button, PDT and confirmation. PayPal button Put this code in the PHP file template where the payment button will appear. You have to change the respective values like email, item name, item number, amount, currency, success page link, cancel page link and form action live link. PDT function Create a PHP file called 'paypal-pdt-functions.php' and put the following code in that file. PDT means payment data transfer. When any payment made successfully, PayPal returns all the payment related info to the return URL so that you can get all those value

Free WordPress backup plugins you can definitely use

You run your personal blog or website on WordPress or you are a developer maintaining lots of websites on WordPress. Taking your website backup regularly is the primary process you have to do for security purposes so that for any unforeseen situation you never lost your website files or data. Manual backup process using FTP & PHPMyAdmin is the most traditional way but it always needs keep tracking when you need and moreover you have to bit technical about your site file system and database. The benefits of using automatic backup system: You can define which data you will keep to store. You can schedule your automatic backup process – like daily, weekly, monthly. The files can be stored in your preferred location – like local folder or cloud storage. You will get notified when the process get completed. Here are the few best reviewed WordPress plugins you can use. BackUpWordPress This plugin is very much simple to use and takes low me