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How to compare any changed data of HTML table among different rows

 In a HTML table compare every column data of every row. if any column data has changed value with respect to previous row then highlight that data.  We can achieve this using JavaScript. Here's a basic example of how you could implement this functionality: This code compares each cell of each row with the corresponding cell of the previous row. If the content of a cell is different from the content of the corresponding cell in the previous row, it adds a changed class to highlight the change. You can customise the appearance of the changed cells by modifying the CSS class .changed.

WordPress migrations need an overhaul. Here’s why.

 WordPress migration is the bare necessity of running an active website. All WordPress customers need to deal with the aggravations with migrating their site beginning with one web host onto the next web host. It is known by the web society that WordPress migration is a overwhelming undertaking. This is clear with the by and large wide number of instructional exercises and articles concerning it. Even more importantly, the expenses incurred in this system are a wide sum. In the 21st century, we would look for our prerequisites to be fulfilled intuitively for a comprehensive customer endeavour. For the particular strategies to stay reasonable to this day and age, it is fundamental for the required virtual processes to be quick, i.e. they ought to be simple for the customer. WordPress has profitable strength of 14 years on the web. Even so, after this time, migration must be done manually. This is genuinely tiresome. You will be responsible for content creation an