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Prisma brings the new era to makeover your photo

You can see people are changing their profile photos with an artistic mode in different social websites. Yes, it is Prisma which has just changed the digital world with a designer look. You should try Prisma app on your smartphone if you want to tweak with your profile pictures. It is an online photo editing tool and something more than that. After iPhone , Prisma is now available on Android too. You can visit their official Instagram page to get more idea about different photo effects you can put on your face. How Prisma app works? You must have an active internet connection on your mobile phone. After launching the app you can take a snap directly from your mobile camera or choose any image from your gallery. You can crop your image in 1:1 ratio. Now there are more than 30 artistic filters available and you can select any one you prefer. This time the internet connection is being needed as the filter will work via internet and you will get your

All the things you can do with Google search

Google, yes, we use it every day, every moment but still we rarely know how to search and how Google can be used to get lots of hidden things. Few years ago Google launched a self-explanatory video so that we can use it more flexibly. Here is that video. Apart from the above video there are plenty of tricks we can play with Google, some of those are mentioned below. Find out origin of any word: etymology: this keyword will help you to find out the origin of any word. The search result of “etymology: fantabulous” shows the source of the word fantabulous. Converting numbers to words: While writing the amount in any cheque we sometime miss the spelling of the exact amount in words. But Google is there, from small to long digits it can easily return the words format. For example “5698742 in english” prints five million six hundred ninety-eight thousand seven hundred forty-two. Getting current time of any location: For any moment if you need to know the current time of an

Get world time from your linux terminal

You don’t need to setup world clock in your computer anymore. If you are a Linux user then your terminal will server the same purpose. Now from your terminal you can get world time, yes for all the countries. We use Google or other search engines to view time of any country online. The process to get world time from your terminal: Open your terminal and type ‘tzselect’ (without quote). It will show a list of continent and ocean with numbers, just type proper number. Now the list of countries will appear under the selected continent, type the number related to the country. Now it will display the timezone of that country. If the country has multiple timezone then you have to enter the timezone number. Here is the screen shot of my terminal when I searched it from my terminal.