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Get your auto expiry temporary email

We put our email id several times in any website sometimes for membership registration without checking the authenticity of the website. Sometimes lots of websites ask email id from visitor for different purposes like newsletter, free-gift and so on. Now the pain begins. Those websites will start to send you different emails (treated as spam) for different types of campaigns. You may not be interested of those emails. The solution is here. Visit It will provide you unique temporary email id for 10 minutes. Use that email id for any website which you visit first time. Get any confirmation email from the website on the same window and you can see the list of emails get from the website within 10 minutes. You can extend your email session to another 10 minutes by clicking a link. Your temporary email id is unique for every session and it will be expired after 10 minutes. ** Don’t use this type of temporary email id for your personal an