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Make free and online videos from your pictures with FlexClip video maker

 For those who need an online way to make a video quickly and easily, FlexClip will help them a lot. This completely new video maker was released by PearlMountain a few months ago. It supports many video and photo formats, and gives a lot of options such as cutting or splitting scenes, and of course adding titles, subtitles, fixed or animated, and watermarking, etc. I used it to make a quick story by putting several photos, a music and a logo, and I finished it in 2 minutes. I thought if I want to make a bigger video, I should have to pay for it for premium services. However, FlexClip gives me free options to download a 1080p video for free. That’s enough for me. After a very quick login, which can be done by either e-mail and password, or by using your Facebook or Google account. Then I started my test. You can import photo or video files to the storyboard by clicking on the photo or camera icons respectively. The third microphone icon is not to upload a soun