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Create simple news ticker for your website using CSS and jQuery

If we want to display any news in our websites, news ticker is the best visible solution for this. In this tutorial we will learn how to create the simple scrolling news ticker. The news ticker is controlled by CSS and jQuery. Here I have attached the complete source code of the script without any CSS. The styling is up to you. How to add this script on your website? Add this jQuery before closing head tag (</head>). <script type=”text/javascript” src=””> Add the below HTML codes with your news content where you want to show scrolling news. Style up the news blocks using CSS. See the Pen Scrolling Text using CSS & Jquery by Sanjay Bhowmick ( @sanjaybhowmick ) on CodePen .

WordPress reserved terms you should never use

 While developing WordPress theme or plugin we use different WordPress keywords or terms, additionally while handling forms fields and custom post types we have to consider what names we can use or not. The restricted names are called reserved terms. WordPress itself reserves few keywords or terms which we can not use in our coding. Using these reserved or restricted terms just break the functionality what we intend to get. You should avoid using these reserved terms in the following scenarios: Passing a term through a $_GET or $_POST array. Registering a taxonomy or post type slug Handling query variables List of reserved keywords in alphabetical order attachment attachment_id author author_name calendar cat category category__and category__in category__not_in category__not_in category_name comments_per_page comments_popup custom customize_messenger_channel customized cpage day debug embed error exact feed hour link_category m minute monthnum m