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Covert all date data format from VARCHAR to DATE in any MySQL table

 Converting varchar data to date format in MySQL involves several steps. Here's a method to achieve this: Assuming your varchar date column is named date_column and your table is named your_table, you can follow these steps: Add a New Date Column: First, add a new date column to your table. ALTER TABLE your_table ADD new_date_column DATE; Update New Date Column: Update the newly added date column using the STR_TO_DATE function to convert the varchar dates to date format. UPDATE your_table SET new_date_column = STR_TO_DATE(date_column, 'your_date_format'); Replace 'your_date_format' with the format of the varchar dates in your column. For example, if your dates are in the format 'YYYY-MM-DD', use '%Y-%m-%d'.  Drop Old Date Column: If you're confident that the new date column contains the correct data, you can drop the old varchar date column. ALTER TABLE your_table DROP COLUMN date_column; Rename New Date Column: Finally, rename the new date colum

How to reverse date in PHP

 To reverse the date from the format "yyyy-mm-dd" to "mm-dd-yyyy" in PHP, you can use the following script: <?php $date = "2023-07-04" ; // Reversing the date format $reversedDate = date ( "m-d-Y" , strtotime ( $date )); echo "Original date: " . $date . "<br>" ; echo "Reversed date: " . $reversedDate ; ?> In this script, the variable $date holds the original date in the "yyyy-mm-dd" format. The date() function is then used to convert and format the date. By passing the $date variable to strtotime(), it is converted to a Unix timestamp, which can be easily manipulated. The date() function then reformats the timestamp to the desired "mm-dd-yyyy" format. Finally, the original and reversed dates are printed on the screen.