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MalCare – your best buddy for malware protection of your website

74,652,825  websites depend on WordPress and yet yours was the one that got hacked? Well, join the club, you’re not alone! WordPress is a phenomenally popular site that powers about 30% of the internet. I have also been a constant victim of getting my WordPress site hacked frequently and decided to take action needed to stop this once and for all. Here is how I found a solution to my hacking woes. While browsing the internet for the best security plugin by WordPress out there I came across MalCare. This was a relatively new security feature that I became even more convinced of as I learned more about it. And let me tell you, I went for it, and since then, my site hasn’t been hacked to date. How MalCare Came About MalCare is the brainchild of BlogVault, a popular WordPress backup plugin. They started working on a multidimensional solution that focuses on several fronts of website security . The idea was to create something that won’t just prevent a hack, but