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A new lightweight, responsive jQuery modal window plugin – VenoBox

We like to use modal window (popup window), popular as light box to show content in our websites or blogs. It is easier to show the images in gallery, videos, small notifications in popup windows. But we have to think about the responsiveness of this type of popup/modal windows. Are they really be shown properly in mobile devices as we visit websites in mobile devices more nowadays. We are very much familiar to Lightbox , Fancybox  but now time to think about some more flexible. The option is: VenoBox You can use this VenoBox jQuery plugin for images, inline contents, iFrames, Google-Maps, Ajax requests, Vimeo and YouTube videos. What is the difference from other jQuery modal window is stated by VenoBox team as: “The big difference compared to many others modal-window plugins is that VenoBox calculates the max width of the image displayed and preserves its height if is taller than the window (so in small devices you can scroll down the content, avoiding ve

Know the popular web server error codes

Many a time when we try to visit any particular web page, we get an error code displaying in lieu of the original page. Have you ever surprised what that error code meant? Here is a list of the most popular error codes and their description. The first thing you should do anytime you get an error code is to make sure that you have entered the correct web page addressed.   • 100 Continue • 101 Switching Protocols • 102 Processing • 200 OK • 201 Created • 202 Accepted • 203 Non-Authoritative Information • 204 No Content • 205 Reset Content • 206 Partial Content • 207 Multi-Status • 300 Multiple Choices • 301 Moved Permanently • 302 Found • 303 See Other • 304 Not Modified • 305 Use Proxy • 307 Temporary Redirect • 400 Bad Request • 401 Authorization Required • 402 Payment Required • 403 Forbidden • 404 Not Found • 405 Method Not Allowed • 406 Not Acceptable • 407 Proxy Authentication Required • 408 Request Time-out • 409 Conflict • 410 Gone • 411 Length Required • 412 Precond
WordPress white or blank admin screen except the left navigation bar is a very common issue of WordPress. There are lots of users who do not regularly update their WordPress version. Now one day you logs into your WordPress dashboard and get this blank screen, no content is showing up and you are not able to navigate to any tabs or links. Here is the solution. Go to ‘wp-adminincludes’ directory via FTP and download  ‘screen.php’ file. Open this screen.php file in any PHP editor (notepad ++ or Sublime Text  ). Go to line number: 706 and you can see this <?php echo self::$this->_help_sidebar; ?> Replace the above line with this <?php echo $this->_help_sidebar; ?> Save this screen.php file and upload to the same place. It’s all, now log into your WordPress dashboard and you can see that everything gets back. I recommend you update your WordPress and Plugins versions regularly so that you will never have any issue at all.

Place your location on the google map in your website

Do you want to place your custom locations on the Google Map and the map will be in your web page? If you have basic knowledge of HTML it will be a very easy task to you. For implementing the Google Map you will have to get the Google Map API key from Google. Google Map API   to get the API or you can visit the following URL. After getting the API key you have to follow the steps mentioned below: Get the Latitude & Longitude of your place. Put your API key in the following JavaScript part and place it before closing head tag. <script src=";v=2&amp;sensor=false&amp;key=Your Key will be here" type="text/javascript"></script> You have to define Latitude & Longitude in the code like as follows. var point = new GLatLng(43.82589,-79.10040); Here is the full codes of the Google Map