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Google Analytics has now a demo account for learning

Google analytics – we know this awesome service from Google to keep everything on tracking of our websites. There are lots of resources available under this service. We have to learn and go through every resource to get an idea how they work. The only help was Google’s nice manual within. Still now we can have used Google analytics service if we have a live website to handle. So, if anyone does not have any website then it is really tough to get an idea how analytics works. To overcome this situation Google has introduced Google Analytics Demo account , available to everyone.  Google has said in their  blog  that this demo account includes all the major features like Adwords linking, setting up goals, e-commerce integration and the result will be fully functional data like the real account. What will you get from analytics demo account? (the same what Google has mentioned in their blog) Access all the Standard reports to see which ones are useful to you G

Online education resources free for learning programming

Getting started with something new is always very challenging with time and money consuming matter. You need to give a lot of time, concentrate and spend a lot of buying books or materials and obviously for the tutors.  But in recent days with numerous online educational programmes, the scenario has been changed a lot. There is a huge number of web portals from where you can now get all of your needs through virtual classes. If your main point of interest is web application development, mobile application development etc then there are hundreds of educational websites available for your help. Some of those are free and others are paid. Here is few listing which all have free options for their online resources. Udemy Udemy is the most popular educational portal which covers various fields. Whatever your learning choices from mobile application developers to photography, all are under one interface. URL: Plan: Free + Premium Codea

Simplenote app is now completely open source

Simplenote – the most powerful and simple, clean note taking app for all the platforms are now completely open source. This note taking app is developed by Automattic , the mother of WordPress and as per their official announcement “all of the official Simplenote client apps are now Open Source Software under the GPLv2 license”. We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom If you want self-hosted simple note then you have to wait for their future release. Automattic said that “The server is a lot more complex to open source, and also much more difficult to run, than the clients, but it’ll happen someday.” Why Is Simplenote So Popular? Simplenote was first started on iOS and over the time it has expanded to all the other platforms like Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows and Linux. It has a standalone web app version too. On all the platforms or devices a user can get same consistent experience and this makes it so appealing. All your notes, to