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How to remove background without Photoshop

Reasons for professional tools in the background eraser.

Photoshop is not the best choice if you want to remove background, especially when you have hundreds of photos. You have to edit each picture manually and one by one. Luckily, we have other professional tools of background remover that save your time and they are more efficient. Each tool has an advantage when applied thus giving you enough reasons to venture into it rather than Photoshop.

For instance, Background Eraser (BG Eraser) is a quick background remover, and it’s also free and gives many convincing results. You can remove background faster and easier. It works almost 100% automatically. And you don’t have to mark the background and foreground to separate them, because of its AI technology. The developers of Bg Eraser trained their AI system to recognise human beings, faces, clothes and some animals so the program could remove the background automatically.

Benefits of using Al solution in background eraser

Al solution background remover combines a variety of artificial intelligence and deep-learning in recognition of primary foreground subject of images and then accurately remove background in a few seconds. Using Al solution has many benefits. For example; It uses a simple design and less clutter, which enables the customers to pay more attention to the product. The design consistency allows multiple and similar products to be compared. The solid background gives more compression to the image for faster loading on the page. There is also brand consistency, especially if the photos are from different suppliers. Again, it’s flexible, and many images can be used on the same platform.

Overview of Background Eraser (Bg Eraser)

This tool is born to cut out human faces, people, clothes, and some animals from an image and makes the background transparent. It is small and has less than 30mb for Mac and Win installer. It uses Al technology in an erasing background. An Eraser works with only three steps whereby you upload the image and drag and drop it, and then you click start and download the image.

Check 2 images below which demonstrate how this application removes the background of an image.



How to use background eraser to remove background from images

Using Background Eraser is quite simple. Only three steps needed without extra manual operations and process.

#1. Upload your image. Get your photos ready. You should note that Bg Eraser can only recognise human beings, faces, some products and animals in current version. The original image is uploaded to the cloud and the added on the task list of removing background.

#2. Waiting for the process. No other operations. Standby and wait for the process completes. It may take some times because of the size of the image and the complexity of the objects. Generally, the system takes 20 to 40 seconds for uploading the removing background.

#3. When finished, you will see the “Download” link shows up. That means you can download the new PNG photo with transparent background. You can use the new photo directly. Change the background colour or insert a new colourful background.

Alternative method: Snagit

Snagit is a screenshot program that captures the audio output and video display It can be used as an alternative method to Al solution. Originally it was used for the Microsoft Windows operating system, and its recent versions have been incorporated and available for macOS bearing distinct features. In the background eraser, you can use Snagit 9 by selecting the photo eraser drawing tool and positioning it on the capture and Ctrl-left click to get the colour match of the eraser that you have posted. From this point, one can erase portions of the picture in the colour that he has the match.


Making background transparent or white may seem complicated, but there are plenty of options, both offline and online, without the help of Photoshop. The tools discussed in this article offers a variety of alternatives that are free and easy to follow. It’s therefore clear that whichever goal you want to achieve in erasing photo, could it be making new catalogue and you need background free images for online store or Amazon, or you are playing a game with colleagues while creating market materials, there is no need of spending, instead, go for free and straightforward ways of background eraser.


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